School Lunch Program


Dear Parents,

We are pleased to introduce a new lunch program this year, The Saint Andrew Bistro. You can view the August Menu below:

August 2021 Bistro Menu

St Andrew’s Bistro Lunch Program

Objective:  Offering a healthy choice option of lunch prepared in-house for students and staff.  The Goal is 60 students/staff will order on a daily basis Tuesday thru Friday.

What Cooking with Sharon will provide:

•    A trained chef to provide fresh in-house meals.

•    Meals portioned out for kids and adults including protein, veggies, fruit, and starch.  2 to 3 oz. protein for students K-4th grade or 4 to 5 oz for students with larger appetites and staff.  ½ cup starch and 1 cup or more of veggies.  Fruit is provided for those who need just a little more to fill their tummies.

•    No meals or proteins will be fried.  All proteins will be baked or cooked on stovetop.  Fresh veggies including salads and coleslaw will be paired with protein to make meals healthy and fun.

•    Gluten-free options will be available when needed or requested.  Dairy and cheese will be optional according to the menu item.

•    No fruit juices, or high sugar food items will be provided unless it is a special occasion.

•    Chocolate milk will be available on Friday as a special treat.

•    Proteins will be lean ground beef, turkey, chicken, eggs (for breakfast burritos or sandwiches), Canadian bacon, fish, and other items based upon what the price & menu dictates.

•    Veggies will be based upon what is in season and cost-effective for the menu.  Fruit will be fresh, based upon season availability, or canned with natural juices or light syrup.

•    Starches will be based upon menu items and appropriate for the age group but should not exceed ½ cup of rice, potatoes, or other white starches.

•    A daily log will be kept in the kitchen.  The log will contain the student’s name, grade, and food provided including missing lunch, extra portions, or refusing lunch/menu items provided.

•    Lunch items will be $5.10 per day for a single portion.  Extra protein will be an additional $1.25 with extra veggies, rolls/buns, or items mentioned in the menu. Special pricing of $3.50 for PreK only, please!

Who is Cooking with Sharon?

After her years of experience in Harmon’s, Whole Foods, and teaching classes; friends begged her to start cooking for them on a weekly basis.  They loved the recipes she presented in her classes and wished she would make the meal for them next week.  Over the past 3 years, she helped Health and Fitness Meals grow from 150 meals prepared for clients to over 900 meals a week for athletes.  In order to keep her creative side going, Sharon offered gourmet meals to friends and others and has offered and prepared over 200 meals weekly with an exceptional menu of breakfast, lunch/salads/soups, and entrees.

Her fundamental love of serving a healthy, whole food meal is very palatable for parents and many a child.  She feels now is the time to grow a school lunch program that parents and children will enjoy, and help them in the learning environment.  Where food is not fried, over-processed or lacking great taste!

Sharon Liapis

[email protected]


How to order your student’s meals!

1.  Go to  Go to the shop page/tab.  Download the PDF menu for the month so you have a copy to refer to for you and your student to discuss. Scroll down to the Products section and Sort by Name A-Z for the date. OR Sort by Price (low to high) if you have students in K thru 3rd.

2.  Click on the menu item you would like to order.  Double-check what grade your student is in.  $3.50 is for PreK and $5.10 for K, 1st thru 8th grade.

8/14 Tues (PreK) – Ranch Turkey Sliders














Turkey sliders made with ranch seasoning, served with slider buns, salad, carrots, tomatoes, ranch dressing fresh fruit and more.

Enter your child’s name and grade in the first box.

Use the drop down menus if you want extra portions of protein;  Gluten free options; Food allergies (if your child has any) and if you prefer your student doesn’t like or want pork items.

NOTE:  Extra portions for the growing (or very hungry) student, is found under Menu Options!  Which is an extra protein or entrée; extra protein will help keep them focused in class!

Change quantity if you have more than one student listed above in the box.

Hit “Add to Cart”

3.  Enter your email and phone number in case I have any questions about your order.

The parents/custodian should be the pick-up person for billing, since the child is listed in the ordering process.

4. Make sure the “Pick-up in Person” is highlighted, only way to make payment and for us to receive your order.  Your order will be confirmed with a number.

Payment can be made through to Cooking With Sharon or Venmo@cookingwithsharon and must be received at same time as of the order.