Do you have to be Catholic?

No. Students do not have to be Catholic. We accept students of all faiths, Christian and non-Christian. Currently, our enrollment is approximately 30% non-Catholic. All students, regardless of their faith, do receive religious instruction as part of the regular curriculum and do receive a religion grade. All students are expected to be respectful during worship and attend and participate in all Masses held during the school day.

Do incoming kindergartners need to read or have any particular skill level before they start school?

No. We do not expect incoming kindergartners to possess any specific skills or knowledge in order to be admitted. It is helpful if they know the basics, such as the alphabet and how to count to ten and how to write their name, but it is not necessary. We have found that students with no prior experience being away from home have more difficulty adjusting to an all day kindergarten program. But again, daycare or preschool experience is not a requirement.

Do students have to wear a uniform?

Yes. All students, Preschool through 8th grade, must wear a uniform. Saint Andrew Catholic School has an official uniform consisting of choices. The uniform pieces are to be purchased through St. Paul’s Place, Skaggs Catholic Center and should not be purchased from other stores. Oxford shirts and blouses must always be worn with either a jumper, sweater, sweater vest, or sweatshirt. Shoes must be navy, black, or dark brown. Athletic shoes may be worn, but must be mostly navy, black, or white. All shirts must always be tucked in. All short socks must be seen over the top of the shoes or sneakers. A plain black, brown, or navy belt must be worn with pants or walking shorts by both boys and girls in grades 2 to 8. Hoodies are not permitted in class. You may access the complete uniform requirements on our Uniform page.

Do you accept students in any grade or do they have to start in Kindergarten?

Students do not have to start in Kindergarten. We do admit students in later grades when space is available. However, we strongly recommend enrollment by the 3rd or 4th grade. We have a strong academic program that builds on the skills taught over time. Students can gain admission after the 4th grade.

Do you accept students with special needs?

Yes, on a case by case basis. We are an approved school for Carson Smith Special Needs Scholarships and we do have students already enrolled with special needs. Before we can accept students with special needs, we require a thorough examination of their IEP and a consultation with the parents and the principal in order to determine if we have the resources necessary to help them reach their fullest potential. If we do, then we will accept them. We will not accept any student whose needs we cannot adequately meet.

Do you admit students whose birthdays fall after the September 1st cutoff date?

Yes, on a case by case basis. Admission of students whose birthdays fall after the deadline is solely at the discretion of the principal. Incoming kindergartners born after September 1, may be admitted based on a readiness assessment and reports from their preschool and parents. Incoming first graders with birthdays after the September 1 deadline must have completed a year of kindergarten and demonstrate readiness. In all other grades (2-8), the September 1 cut off does not matter. As long as the student has completed the prior grade in good academic standing he or she will be considered for the next grade regardless of birthdate.

Do you have an Extended Day Program (EDP)?

Yes, we have an excellent Extended Day Program (EDP) that runs every school day from 7:00am to 7:45am before school and after school until 5 p.m. The EDP program includes homework help, art and crafts, organized games and sports, as well as free play time. Registration is $35 per family. Please see the EDP page for more information regarding the program.

What are the tuition and fees and how are they determined?

All tuition is set by the Diocese of Salt Lake City and is the same for all regular Catholic Elementary Schools throughout Utah. The fees are set by each individual school and cover mostly administrative and programmatic costs, including tuition collection and management, administrative supplies, professional memberships and subscriptions and special program fees. More detailed information regarding tuition & fees may be found by visiting our Tuition page.

Do you offer any scholarships?

The school provides a limited amount of tuition reduction each year. Tuition reduction is determined on a needs basis only by applying through FACTS Grant and Aid. Families who cannot afford tuition can also apply to Children First Utah for scholarships. Visit their websites for more information.

Do you require admissions testing or interviews?

It depends. Incoming kindergartners require no testing or interviews provided their birthday is before the September 1 cutoff. Incoming first graders, so long as they have completed a year of kindergarten, do not need to be tested. Students applying in all other grades may require testing and an interview depending on their previous school experience and their report cards.