Prospective Parents

Why Choose Saint Andrew Catholic School?

    • Value Centered Curriculum
    • Christian Community Environment
    • Strong Academic Program
    • Diverse Student Population
    • Active Parent Involvement
    • After School Programs
    • Pre-K & Full Day Kindergarten
    • 1st through 8th Grade

Strong Academic Program
A zest for learning – that’s what is instilled in out students. A focused curriculum, positive teacher expectations, and firm but living discipline combined provide a powerful learning experience – one that compels students to reach their full potential and lead our world toward a better place. The result is a progressive environment that promotes academic success, critical thinking skills and life-long learning.

  • Curriculum follows both the Catholic Schools and State of Utah curriculum standards.
  • Standardized testing is administered each year.
  • Reading mathematics, social studies, science, religion, physical education, computer, technology, Spanish, music and art.

Christian Community Environment
Our students mature in a faith based community through the study of Catholic doctrines, daily prayer and participation in the Sacraments.

  • Value Centered Curriculum
  • Daily Religion Classes

Diverse Student Population
You will find the we are culturally diverse but untied in by our faith. Our students enjoy being in a community made of many ethnicities, backgrounds and experiences.

Extended Day Program
We offer an excellent Extended Day Program. (click to learn more)

Parent Involvement
We believe that your students are primarily educated and guided by you as their parent. We work in collaboration with you and we would like your involvement with our school.

Parent Teacher Group (PTG)
The PTG meets monthly to keep you involved in school activities and programs.

The School Board
The school board is made up of parents in coordination with teachers and the Catholic School Diocese. The board meetings are open to all parents and your feedback is welcomed. The school board helps to set the future direction of the school.

Volunteer Hours
“The Fruit of Love is Service.” ~Blessed Mother Teresa of Calcutta

Each family is asked to volunteer 25 hours to the school in a year. Volunteering allows you to demonstrate to your child how important his/her education is to you. It give you an opportunity to meet other parents and it enables the school to maintain costs by not having to “hire out” service for support and maintenance.

Please contact us for more information or to take a tour of our school.